Most people are taught at an early age by their parents: “Go to school, get good grades. Graduate. Get a good secure job in a good company and build your career”. But is your job really safer than starting your own business??

Don’t get me wrong, its definitely easier to go the employee route – who can even argue with that? You apply for a job that you’re qualified for, either by qualification or experience and then you start working and get a paycheck. Easy right?

But is it really as safe in the long run as we have been programmed to believe?

2008 crash

…Then there was the 2008 Crash!

Everyone can relate to what happened to the job market after the 2008 crash. Either you know people that lost their jobs, homes or investments. Or it happened to you!

And before those people got that pink slip – I’m sure they thought with their safe job, it could never happen to them. Now they’re living on food stamps wondering how they’re going to pay their bills.

But it did happen to tens or maybe hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and coming onto 7 years later – the job market is only now starting to bounce back. And its still extremely hard for thousands of new graduates every year to find any job better than the ones that ask “did you want fries with that?”


Employment VS Entrepreneurship

So considering what happened there, is your job really that safe? Consider some things with Employment and Self-Employment/ Entrepreneurship.

When you are an employee, in most cases, your job is your only source of income. Whereas if you’re self-employed, you will likely have several streams of revenue that will manage your risk; either from various product lines, clients or other business offshoots.

Clearly, as we all know from 2008, job stability is never guaranteed. Industries are evolving all the time and with innovation and automation there are tons of job positions that are now redundant. When you are self employed, through building your clientele – an entrepreneur can have a stable business even if the business loses a percentage of clients in tough times.

An interesting way to compare Employment and Entrepreneurship is; when you are an employee it’s similar to you renting an apartment. And running your own business is like owning your own home. In your job, your time and resources are used to benefit the business owner, not you. And the effort you put into Your Own business in like investing into your own asset where all the value is yours.

And then there’s the one the really gets me – ‘keeping what you kill’. When you are an employee, the trade off we have been taught to understand is that you will get a lower income in exchange for ‘job security’.

What this means is basically you will make a fixed income every month whether the company does well or struggles, and in the event of a profitable year – you may get a small bonus for your contribution. But as a self employed entrepreneur; you are directly responsible for your business’ success. And when the business does succeed – you reap the rewards.

How To Turn That Setback Into A Leap Forward!

laptoplifeWe feel that what happened in 2008 has started something, a movement toward Entrepreneurship on a scale that no-one has seen before.

With the power of the Internet, information is everywhere and that is the tool that is empowering people to make these leaps into the unknown. 

When you combine the fact that more information is available to people than ever before, and that for many people your job is no longer the safety net you thought it was – it seems pretty obvious that something awesome will come out of it.

So here’s what I’m proposing to you – if you are in any way interested in learning more about building your own business, check this out HERE. This is a link to a 7 day FREE Video Bootcamp teaching you the basics of Internet Marketing.

What you will discover when you get into this is that even though the economies of so many countries are still struggling and as a result affecting the job security of so much people – the Digital Economy is striving! Online business has grown continuously year after year and is becoming where all businesses need to be in the future.

So if you are unfortunately one of the thousands of people that are looking for the solution to their working troubles, I humbly submit that this will provide HUGE value and benefit to you. Learning Internet Marketing now will give you a huge head start as based on how more and more businesses are moving, this will be one of the most sought after skills in the business world. So why not get in early?

Looking forward to hearing back from you on you thoughts – in the comments section, email or Facebook.

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