What do you really want in life? Do you want to be financially successful?  Own your own business? Have a happy family life? Whatever it is, everybody wants something. And the first step to achieving that is by first being clear on what it is that you actually want, believing you can have it and then visualize yourself achieving it. This is called the Creative Process and it boils down to a simple principle  – “Thoughts Become Things”.

This process, once practiced correctly is one of the most powerful skills that anybody can harness to achieving success. Clear visualization of your goals is how you leverage the universe to turning those ‘Wants’ into ‘Haves’. This is how anybody that has become successful in life got that way.

Good Habits To Adopt

A few things I have picked up and have tried to incorporate into my life that I believe really makes all the difference are as follows:

Positive Thinking

Don’t beat yourself up! That’s really what thinking negatively is. Its having a pity party and you’re the only one invited. Thinking limited thoughts like, ‘I can never have that’, ‘I’ll never be rich’, ‘I can’t be able to live like that’ , etc. etc.- is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Remember, what you are, is as a result of your dominant thoughts, and if you are thinking about what you don’t have – that will become your reality.

I’m not saying that you should never have negative thoughts – no one can monitor every thought they have all day, and sometimes you get a bit down in the dumps, this happens to everybody. The main idea is to be aware of the thoughts that go through your head. That way when you do start to go down the road to Negativetown, you can snap yourself back.

A few tricks to get yourself to change your thinking when you’re down – Think of something that makes you happy – think of your family, your favorite place, a funny joke, listen to music you like, meditate. That’s all you need to change your emotional state and get yourself back on track.

Use Your Imagination – Visualize!

Thinking positively is really just the first step to getting what you really want – and it’s an important step. But in order to convert thinking about the right things, to actually getting them will require the additional effort of Visualization.

Basically, this is the focused use of your imagination to picture yourself in possession of whatever it is that you want. The trick is to combine your positive thoughts with the feeling of actually having what you desire, and that creates a powerful magnetic force that brings you and what you want together.

Take this as a little example of how this process can be implemented – Firstly, put yourself in a good mood, then you close your eyes and think about making a certain income that allows you live a certain lifestyle.

Go into detail with what you will do in this new lifestyle; What car will your drive? Where will you live? Where will you vacation?.. And the most important element to this vision you are creating – think about it in the PRESENT tense. See yourself having these things NOW, and feel the emotions of having it – the gratitude, the excitement.

That is the fastest way to manifest what you WANT into what you HAVE. 

Think Big – Limit Your ‘Limiting’ Thoughts

You must have heard this said around – “you are only limited by your imagination”. It sounds like wishful thinking but it really is the Truth! It is definitely hard to get your mind around; but once you do, it has the power to transform your life.

Because you now know that if your thoughts are what you are limited by, then what is the point of thinking about anything other that things that will benefit you. Dream Big and Aim High, because no matter how impossible those ambitious dreams are – they are possible, and you can get there.

… And to really bring this whole post home, I thought this video really illustrates in a real world way the power of belief and visualization. Tony Robbins has an impromptu chat with Frank Kern and John Reese, a couple of Masters in the Internet Marketing World.

Hope you get as much out of this as I did. If you want to learn more about how you learn more about this and harness this power to scale your success. Click Here.




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