IF you’re anything like me – you are either in a constant state of overwhelm when it comes to starting your online business – or are too intimidated to even get started. Dealing with the overwhelm is one of the first humps you need to get over.

I’ll tell you what I went through when I first began looking at starting my Internet Marketing Business.


Technical Mumbo Jumbo

Early on, a lot of the articles I came across started talking about all this technical stuff about what it takes to start your online business – building the website, blogging, affiliate links, landing pages, sales pages, SEO, Banner Ads, Solo Ads, List Building, Email Marketing… And the list goes on and on.

I’m sure you would have come across similar stuff, and its frustrating when you don’t know where to start – information overload in my opinion is the leading reason why more people do not get started with their online business.

I mean, its so much easier to just say – ‘this stuff is over my head, you need to be computer programmer to make this work – I’ll just go back to my day job and look for another opportunity down the road.”

I know, because I’ve been there – it literally took me a year of just lingering on the fringes of this business – I would look at tons of articles, blogs and videos on YouTube before I finally made the decision to get this started.

Living A Lifestyle Of Freedom

The thing that kept me coming back to Internet Marketing was not the just the financial upside, but its the lifestyle this kind of business will allow you to have. No other business model that I can think of will give you this level of automation and leverage, allowing you to have a completely flexible lifestyle to make your own hours and write your own paycheck.

In my opinion, if you’re a hard working person and you put your mind to achieving something – it’s going to happen. So whether you are starting and Online or Offline business the same rules apply – you get out what you put in. So why not do something that can allow to live a life that you want and deserve?

So here’s my advice to you if you are just getting started:

  • Don’t be discouraged by the information overload that you are feeling now – this is normal. Just keep at it and things will become clearer.
  • Keep a positive mindset – you will be surprised what you will achieve with this.
  • Don’t fall for “Make Money NOW” or “Get Rich Today” schemes – these are likely scams and DO NOT work. General Rule of ThumbIf it seems to good to be true, it probably is.
  • Connect with a Community of like minded people – this will provide support and advice, which in my opinion is the determining factor for a lot of people getting started.
  • Prepare yourself to work hard and put in the time. This will be a real business, and will require your time and energy.

The Six Figure Mentors Will Show You The Way


During all research on making money online – I was naturally very skeptical about anything offering a ‘Quick Fix – Buy Now’ solution, as I would assume any intelligent person would be.

So when I found the Six Figure Mentors  with Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, it really was a breath of fresh air. There wasn’t the usual hype I was accustomed to getting – promising unrealistic results for little or no work.

They are offering a world class education in Internet Marketing – but it goes so much deeper. There’s live webinars, one on one coaching, hours of various tutorial videos, mastermind mentoring and so much more.

Stuart and Jay both struck me as honest, practical and sincere guys giving real value. I’m a young guy in my late 20’s and I’m still getting this business all figured out. But can definitely say that this is one of the best decisions I have made in my professional life. 

If you would like to learn more about the SFM and our community just click HERE.

See you on the other side – and if you want any more information, I would love to here from you.




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