When deciding to start your own business; what are the reasons that move you to that decision? Is it that you want to make more money? Maybe you’re tired of working for a Boss. Or it might even be you have a calling or desire to provide more value to people.

Whatever the reasons are, they are all valid. But there is another reason to start a business that many people overlook; tho build your business around a lifestyle you want!

Most people get caught up in starting a business that eventually takes over their life, they work harder and longer than ever before and even if the business is successful, they don’t even have the time to enjoy that success!

Living The Laptop Lifestyle


For me, the reason for starting a business is all about creating the opportunity to live the lifestyle that I want.  To enjoy the life that you couldn’t have when working for someone else – whatever that means for you. 

Whether it means that you wish you could have more free time to spend with friends and family. Travel more. Afford more expensive toys. Live in a nicer house. Provide more for your family. Whatever. 

Personally, I never liked waking up early to sit in traffic, getting to an office to do unfulfilling work day in day out – but that’s just me.

If you are going to go through the effort and risk required to start your own business, it should be to make your life closer to what your dream life is. Or else, what’s the point?!

If you are currently going to work every day and wishing you didn’t have to sit in traffic every morning and afternoon, sit at a desk for 10 hours a day dealing with frustrating and stressful work that you are not even that interested in. Then why would you want to start a business that forces you to do those exact same things that you hate? 

How You Can Achieve This

Step 1:

Unlimited MarketThe First Step to starting a business that can give you this level of flexibility and freedom is to embrace the power of technology and the Internet.

Where systems can be put in place to provide a level of automation so the business can run without micro-managing or continuous intervention by you, the business owner.

Obviously, this is an easier task for certain industries over others, as some industries require face to face interaction such as manufacturing or construction.  

But I have found that starting an Online Business fulfills all of the requirements for me to live the lifestyle that I want. 

Step 2:

The Second Step after deciding that starting an online business is the path to take, is learning the skills to setting up such a business. One of the biggest hurdles to setting up an online business for most people is the technical limitations.

But fortunately every aspect of this process has now become easier than ever with various services providing point and click, step by step solutions to developing your websites and marketing channels.

Step 3:

Step 3 is now where you decide what kind of business you want to create – what type of services do you want to offer? Is it that you want to provide marketing and advertising solutions to customers? Maybe you want to create and sell your own products via your websites? Or even provide and sell information products to various markets? 

The options are vast and if marketed effectively can all be lucrative, simply based on the fact that your reach and scaleability is limitless through leverage of the Internet.

 Final Step:

imac vid seriesThe Final Step is finding a community or mastermind group that can provide assistance, training and feedback to you while starting your new Online Business.

The same way that through your traditional business career, you would have had mentors and leaders guiding you to your career goals – the same goes with the ‘digital economy’. The best chance of success in this (or any) business is through mentor-ship and effective training by people who have already succeeded in the industry.

If you are interested in learning more about taking the next step to Living a Life on you terms click here to get access to some free training videos.


These video provide tons of information and hopefully answer a lot of your questions about what it takes to starting an online business.

Hope you enjoy the videos and hope to hear from you.






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