Are You Trading Time For Money?If you are like 99% of all working people, this is probably the case. Either you work for a fixed salary at a 9-5 job, work by the hour, or work on commissions – the rule is the same: If you don’t put in the Time – you don’t get Paid!

So what happens if you get sick or have some other personal emergency that stops you going to work for an extended period of time? Guess what happens…. that’s right! That income disappears. And that can mean Bad News for most people that rely on that income to survive!

This is pretty much the standard that we have all followed for our entire working life, and I’m no different. I came from a corporate job that had HUGE demands on my time. Working long hours to meet deadlines to make the same fixed salary at the end of the month. Just thinking about it grinds my gears! Grrr! ….. But I digress.

Trading Time For MoneyThe bottom line is this – Not only does Trading Time for Money ultimately put a cap on what you can potentially make, because there is only a certain amount of time in the day. It also acts like a leash keeping you stuck going back to that office day in day out.

Creating A Passive Income Stream

But what if there was another way? A way to create a Passive Income┬áStream by leveraging technology, people and systems to create a way to write your own paycheck for life – while having the time to actually live it!

This may seem like wishful thinking – but in the time we live in, with the power of the Internet, this is not only possible – but not that hard to achieve! This is what got me to start my first online business. The opportunity to create a Business that can provide the kind of Lifestyle that I always dreamed of – even if at the time didn’t think was possible.

 So HOW Would This All Work?

Ok, so what I’m getting at is that you can break the cycle of Trading Time for Money by starting an Online Business – Great. So how would this work?

One way would be to create a website that generates advertising and affiliate sales for you (this is what I do). Once this is up and running it works for you on Auto-Pilot, 24/7. This is the definition of Passive Income.

For example: Say you start a website about Body Building – with tutorials and training. You then spend the time populating the website with good articles, videos and pictures that people interested in Body Building would find valuable.

You have just created Value for your potential customers and they can now visit your website over an over again for this information.

The Beauty of this is that you have put in the time to create all this content ONCE. But that same content will be providing value to your customers again and again and again – which will then bring advertising income to you PASSIVELY…. Forever!

What’s Next? How To Learn These Skills

Even if you currently have no idea how to do any of this stuff RIGHT NOW, I hope you can appreciate the potential power of this kind of business – and can see the benefit in starting to learn how!

The thing is that Time is passing right now! We can’t stop it, and every second that passes is one we are not getting back. So doesn’t it make sense to try to enjoy as much of the time we have left, and start developing these Passive Income Streams now?

If you are interested in learning more about how to stop Trading Time for Money and start creating these Passive Income Streams Today – I recommend learning from the Best! I was fortunate to learn everything that I know from my mentors, Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross – co-founders of the Six Figure Mentors. They have both earned multiple 7-figures with online business, so it’s fair to assume they know what they’re talking about!

Click HERE and to learn more!


To Your Future Success!




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