Are you being fulfilled as an employee? I mean really fulfilled?

Ever See ‘Office Space’?

I was watching TV the other day, flicking through the channels and landed on the movie ‘Office Space’. You remember this one right?

It’s the cult classic flick that came out in the late 90’s about Peter, who is completed jaded and hates his existence sitting in a cubicle farm in an office building.Doing useless work and wishes he could leave and live a life of freedom. While at relationship counselling, he gets hypnotized and that gets him to take action and he ends up doing what makes him happy – Pretty entertaining antics. I recommend checking it out.

office space - lumbergh

This movie really has a strong message under the humor. It shows what anybody who wants to get out of the 9-5 rat race should have – A burning desire for more! You almost need to get to the point where working at a job, sitting at a desk, making a fixed salary – should disgust you. It needs to be totally unacceptable. Only that feeling will force you to take huge action!

What Got Me To Pursue My Entrepreneurship Dream

I was thinking about what made me make the switch and decide that I had enough – it was over Christmas last year. I took some vacation days and when I combined it with all the holidays it was a pretty nice long time away from the office.

By the time January rolled around it dawned on me that I had to clock back in and get back to that work grind – but you know what, I dreaded it more than I would normally do! I literally thought about not going back at all! Almost did like Milton and go in there and burn the whole place down HAHA! (sorry for the spoiler — but seriously, check it out!)


It was like something clicked in my head telling me ‘F*** This! You know what you are supposed to do – so just take action and do it’. The very next day I joined the Six Figure Mentors – and here I am, on my way to living my Laptop Lifestyle and I could no be happier with my decision.

If you are anything like me, you will NEVER be truly happy spending your time and energy making someone else rich.

While you’re the one that takes on all the stress and frustration and reaping very little (if any) of the reward, other than a salary that never feels like enough. Oh and maybe a small bonus at Christmas (thanks Boss).

If You Want Achieve Something – You Need To Take Action

If you’re like me, you don’t mind taking on some more risk if it means that you benefit from the potential reward. And that is all the spark someone needs. With the right kindling that can become the raging inferno that gives you the courage to take on that risk and make your life something amazing.

Remember, if you are ready for your life to change – YOU need to change. You need to become the person that will no longer accept a mediocre life.  A quote that one of my mentors, Jay Kubassek always says:

What Got You Here – Won’t Get You There

Basically, all the effort and decisions that you have made in your life to get to where you are Now – will not be what will take you any further. If you want to get to that next level in your life – professionally, personally, or whatever – your thoughts and mindset need to change.

If you are serious about changing your life, taking responsibility for your future and be able to live the life you Deserve, please visit us at the SFM. We will show you about the concept of Online Marketing and the mind blowing potential of building this kind of business. A business that can give you the Freedom, Flexibility and Income that you deserve. Work from anywhere, write your own paycheck, and create passive income for life.

Click HERE to learn about the Six Figure Mentors from the co-founder and one of my mentors, Stuart Ross. After which we will send you a 7 day Free Video Training Bootcamp walking you through this business.

Cheers to your success,





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