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Hi I’m Joe.

 I have started down a new life path recently, where my eyes have been opened to a new opportunity that many people either get intimidated by, or don’t understand – and this is the concept of Internet Marketing.

This fast growing business model is something that continues to grow out of a worldwide shift to E-Commerce. Recent statistics have shown that online sales have increased at HUGE rates every year for the last decade – set to grow by over 400% in the next few years.

I have seen the potential of this business – and my main goal is to educate as much people as possible to this realization as well.

Where I Started

I started my working life just like many others did – I studied hard and graduated with a Business Degree with the intention of getting a ‘Top Level’ position in a good company to start my career. I graduated in 2008 which was also coincidentally when the world was falling into Financial Melt Down! So those great paying jobs were few and far between, especially for a guy fresh out of school (FYI the job market today still has not fully bounced back for new graduates)

After some months on the job hunt I was fortunate to get a decent job  as a Project Manager for ”competitive pay” for a number of years – but there was always the nagging feeling that ‘This is not enough!”. I would constantly reflect on my monthly paycheck, and though I was grateful for that fact that I had a job and was actually getting paid; I still felt like I was working too hard and not getting paid enough for my efforts. Most employees tend to feel this way, but often not enough to take action.

I realized early on in my working life that just being an employee was not enough for me. I wanted to be a Entrepreneur/ Business Owner and Investor; mainly because what I really want is to be Financially Free and have the ability to live a Flexible Lifestyle. I always thought there must be a small amount of madness in a society where most people chose to work for companies as employees, making the business owners rich – and in return, be compensated with long hours, high stress and marginal pay. There must be a better way to live and make money.

But then the difficult questions came up – what kind of business do I want to be in? How long with it take to set up? How much will something like that cost? Will anybody buy what I’m selling? – This kind of uncertainty and fear is what keeps the majority of employees exactly where they are. But those who are willing to take the leap of faith and believe in their abilities to create their own success are the ones that we call real Entrepreneurs!

I would spend a lot of my free time reading and researching on what can take me out of the Rat Race. Reading books like ‘The Secret’, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ and ‘Think and Grow Rich’ got me to change my thinking and taught me to believe that I CAN become and have anything I want with the proper focus and mindset!

Where I’ve Reached

When I discovered the concept of Internet and Affiliate Marketing, I soon figured out that this could be what I was looking for! But this was just the beginning of a long road of sifting through website after website of ‘Gurus’ promising the world, triggering the BS meter in my brain, which left me skeptical to say the least. Then I found the Six Figure Mentors – with Stuart and Jay. I actually came across some videos of Stuart a few times through my online travels and instantly found him to be more sincere and real than any of the other guys out there. That’s when I made the decision to join the SFM and I have not looked back.

There really are people out there that have legitimately been able to leverage the power of the Internet to change their lives and through their experience, are able to teach people to do the same. This site is focused around showing the benefits of this business system and more importantly how it’s possible for anyone to achieve success with the right guidance and support.

The important thing to remember is that there will always be the people trying to scam others in every industry – and Internet Marketing is no different. The trick is to use your best judgement the same you would use it in the ‘real world’ to guide your decisions.

Well that’s it for now! But thanks for visiting my page. It really is all about giving as much helpful information to You as possible. Please have a look at the information here and check out my blog that I will be adding posts to from time to time.

Hope you find the stuff here useful and informative – and as I intend to continue growing my business, I look forward to hearing your success stories in the future.

Bye for now!


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